If you have ever thought about owning a home in a foreign country, please read this book. I am not saying that it will dissuade you, but it may make you think again.

I have to say that I LOVED this book. Ever since my husband and I went to Morocco I cannot help but fantasize about living there myself (or at least having a little summer home). But to take on a huge riad in Casablanca has only briefly entered into my dreams and after reading The Caliph’s House I am glad that I didn’t do something like that on a whim.

Everything that you can imagine to go wrong in renovating a home goes wrong up to and including an infestation of jinn. Seriously.

I could not stop laughing at the stories in this book and I realised that Tahir Shah writes the stories that I want to live. He also writes stories the way that I want to write them. I can’t wait to read all of the rest of his books and see what other adventures await him.

It’s wonderful when you find a new writer that you really enjoy. Truly excellent.

***** = glad I read it, I enjoyed it, I would read it again, I would own it